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The Last of Us or Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

#1exile259Posted 2/10/2013 3:09:01 AM
as title say which should i get ?
#2kel25Posted 2/10/2013 3:09:39 AM
Last of Us
#3Wario_manPosted 2/10/2013 3:10:05 AM
Metal Gear.
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#4DredjPosted 2/10/2013 3:13:01 AM
The Last of Us
#5ukokira1Posted 2/10/2013 3:13:31 AM
Metal Gear Rising.
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#6danny_S_06Posted 2/10/2013 3:15:56 AM
Well they are both 2 months apart but easily The Last of Us for me.
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#7ShinyToyPaladinPosted 2/10/2013 3:19:47 AM
Planning on getting both but yeah, The Last of Us for me.
#8enigma2274Posted 2/10/2013 3:28:29 AM
ShinyToyPaladin posted...
Planning on getting both but yeah, The Last of Us for me.

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#9I_am_OmnipotentPosted 2/10/2013 3:53:42 AM
Dredj posted...
The Last of Us

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#10BenzychenzPosted 2/10/2013 3:54:56 AM
Why are you asking us?
They're not remotely similar games, it's personal preference, make up your own mind.