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Your top 10 favorite game series of all time.

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3 years ago#11
In no order:

Legacy of Kain
Tomb Raider
Silent Hill
Souls games
Sonic the Hedgehog
Final Fantasy
Streets of Rage
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3 years ago#12
Grand Theft Auto
Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy
God of War
Call of Duty (just for the mp)
The Elder Scrolls
Dead Space

honorable mention: pokemon,DMC, ratchet and clank, jak & daxter, resident evil and Chrono serie (Trigger)

and also love the "red dead" mini serie? both revolver & redemption great games
3 years ago#13
1- Fallout (originals)
2-Command and Conquer (not including 4 and generals)
3-Forgotten Realms
4-Tales of Series
5-Atelier Series
8-Wild Arms
9-Saint's Row
10-Mass Effect
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3 years ago#14
Star Control
Mass Effect
Street Fighter
Phantasy Star
Gran Turismo
Unreal Tournament
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3 years ago#15

This oughta be easy..

1. Final Fantasy
2. Prince of Persia
3. Metal Gear Solid
4. Sonic
5. Legend of Zelda
6. Star Ocean
7. Valkyrie Profile
8. Uncharted
9. Pokemon
10. Resident Evil

Have to put pokemon down there even though I don't play it anymore. It has to make the top. Just realized I don't like RE so much as a series, in fact, RE4 may be the only one I really like. The earlier games aren't really my style but the latter at least have the fun factor down when you consider the co-op. The rest of my list seems pretty straight forward.

HM: Parasite Eve. Really love both games, even consider them at least 9/10 but I'm not sure if either can top the experience I've had with all the RE games (or probably just RE4 alone). It's definitely one of top 5 games and I'll probably always see it as the defining game of the current gen. Yea I know it's older but you can tell the idea behind it lives on in many games today.
3 years ago#16
Final Fantasy
Metal Gear
Resident Evil
Legend of Zelda
God of war
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3 years ago#17
10. WWEGames
9. inFamous
8. The Sims
7. Uncharted
6. Batman: Arkham
5. Fallout
4. Spyro the Dragon (PS1 Trilogy)
3. Ratchet and Clank
2. Crash Bandicoot (Naughty Dog era)
1. Pokemon
3 years ago#18
no order

megaman x
smash bros
metal gear
the house of the dead
double dragon
mortal kombat

i had dbz on the list, but then i realized that only a few dbz games where awesome, the rest where either good, or just plain s***
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3 years ago#19
Metal Gear.
Warriors games.
Street Fighter.
Rock Band.
Mega Man.
Elder Scrolls.

No particular order.
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3 years ago#20
Top 5

1. Castlevania
2. Yakuza
3. Shenmue
4. Legend Of Zelda
5. Metroid
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