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Goriest Game you ever played

#1SHAO-KhanPosted 2/11/2013 8:01:54 PM
for me

Bloodrayne 2
Dead Space
Mortal Kombat 09
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#2Arrowsedge89Posted 2/11/2013 8:04:17 PM
Mortal Kombat 09 for sure.
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#3SegavsCapcomPosted 2/11/2013 8:05:05 PM

One of those three.
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#4namethatno1usesPosted 2/11/2013 8:09:03 PM
I tried to find a video, but couldn't.. so here's a little explanation.

In some versions of Half-Life, when you entered "impulse 100" in the console command, it would spawn a bunch of human remains. Bind it to a letter, and you could run around with deformed skulls, hearts and chunks of meat bouncing everywhere, making everything bloody (and making quite disturbing sound effects).

So Half-Life.
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#5xenosaga123Posted 2/11/2013 8:09:45 PM
MK games, followed by FOTNS Ken's Rage 2 (english version has chunks and more body blood exploding or sliced into pieces, etc. )
#6OrangeSchweesePosted 2/11/2013 8:10:28 PM
MK 9 and Dead Island
#7jammiesPosted 2/11/2013 8:11:50 PM
Probably Prototype.
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#8AlltraPosted 2/11/2013 8:12:59 PM
Probably GoW 3. There are gorier games out there I'm sure, but it's definitely the goriest one I've actually played.
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#9RioichiCooperPosted 2/11/2013 8:14:44 PM
Fat Princess. If you look past the art style it's actually pretty gruesome.
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#10hellvomitPosted 2/11/2013 8:17:23 PM
PS2 - Shadow of Rome. Total gorefest and a great game.

PS3 - Splatterhouse.