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Resident Evil 6 is like RE5 but much longer

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User Info: AnthonM2

4 years ago#1
It's really great, non-stop action, and I liked the characters and the music with many interesting locations, bosses and cut scenes, and you really get much more than what you paid for cause the game is 25-30 hours long, as long as 4 games combined, can someone explain why should i hate it?

User Info: Vergil92

4 years ago#2
Speaking from personal experience, just wait until the 2nd playthrough and that high from everything being new and fresh wears off, then you'll notice what's wrong with the game.
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User Info: XplodnPnguins92

4 years ago#3
the core shooting mechanic is much worse. it's no longer satisfying to shoot things.

User Info: izza20

4 years ago#4
The mechanics just aren't as tight. Whatever you feel about RE5's gameplay direction, it was very solidly designed. This one, not so much.

User Info: NovaKaneX

4 years ago#5
RE5 > RE6
Cot damn!

User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

4 years ago#6
RE5 may have many flaws but it is a far more polished game than RE6. RE6 is too much of the same locations over and over and artifical length because of it.

User Info: Sophistication

4 years ago#7
A root canal can take upwards of 2 hours to complete if there are complications... Can you explain why I should hate it?

Just because something is "longer" doesn't mean it's good... Longer than what? Part 5, which also blew nipples... It doesn't matter how long a game is if it isn't worth playing. A game could be 100 hours, but if you don't feel like seeing all of it what's the point?

Back to my point: A root canal should take no more than 30 min under the right conditions -- why not just get it over with as fast as possible so we don't prolong the pain?

Hope this clears things up...
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User Info: danny_S_06

4 years ago#8
Much longer, making it more of a pain to play as it's a vastly inferior game to RE5.
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User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#9
Less polished than Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.
More polished than all others.

My 2nd favorite Resident Evil game after Resident Evil 2.
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User Info: AnthonM2

4 years ago#10
As I thought, no real reason to hate it.
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