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FFXIII really is a terrible game.

#1blablablax17Posted 2/13/2013 3:36:32 AM
First of all, Im a big FF fan.

I first bought this game when it was released, and I was pretty disappointed.
The battle system was a chore, the game was one long hallway, and the story just dragged on.
I had a really hard time with this game and I didnt even get halfway though before I gave up.

I just started playing FFXII for the first time, and WOW. Now this is a great game! What the hell happened between 12 and 13?
This game actually has a bit of FREEDOM, and towns! And the battle system is actually fun! (IMO of course)
I haven't gotten too far in the story, so I cant comment/compare, but It doesn't drag on nearly as bad as in 13.

What the hell happened, SE?
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#2DarkSymbiotePosted 2/13/2013 3:40:34 AM
I played FFXIII and then put it down for a few months once I got to the open area with the giants and wildlife. I picked it up and put it down again upon reaching the final boss. Terrible design. I beat it and never want to play it again.

It takes 20 HOURS to get access to a customisable party.
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#3HellsingOrgPosted 2/13/2013 3:50:36 AM(edited)
Big FF fan here.

I didn't get FF 13 until a month ago because at launch and for years now all I hear is how it sucks and it linear and how you just press X and it auto battles you through the whole game and it just a hallway etc...
So all this negative hate from people all on the internet caused me to think that this game must really really be bad because if people on the internet would tell me games like Brink etc.. were Decent but when it came to FF13 it would be met with HORRIBLE! I thought this game would be bad like ET for Atari and Superman 64 and that Charlies Angels GC game.

So I start the game and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!

Loved the music
Hated Hope and Vanille initally but eventually after some character development hours later I had changed my thoughts about them.

Fun combat
Pressing autobattle to always win is stupid because this game requires strategy later on.
lots of abilities, weapons, I liked the role system.

Boss Battles were pretty epic especially the first boss and later ones too.

I loved the MUSIC! so good.
The story made me sad and actually cry a couple of times the Snow/Serah stuff the Hope stuff and the ending with My Hands playing in the background.

I loved the CGI video cutscenes in HD.

I liked the Chapters which taught you stuff about the game and then halfway through it just throws you into a HUGE area and its awesome.
Restricting your party and characters early on was ok because it really taught you the battle system, roles and the importance of playing certain ways.

Lots of variety through chapters.
Some awesome looking monsters.
Tons of items, weapons etc...

Lots of hidden stuff, sidequests and bonus hidden things.

I really enjoyed this game and I''m pissed that I listened to everyone for like 2-3 years and didn't buy it sooner.

I'm at like 60 hours into the game I beat it at 50 hours and I'm doing the bonus postgame stuff now.

I give it an 8/10
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#4DarkSymbiotePosted 2/13/2013 3:51:35 AM
The only good things about FFXIII were the visuals and the battle theme which, I believe, was done by Nobue Uematsu.
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#5HellsingOrgPosted 2/13/2013 3:54:18 AM
DarkSymbiote posted...
The only good things about FFXIII were the visuals and the battle theme which, I believe, was done by Nobue Uematsu.

negative times infinity for misspelling The Master's name.
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#6OtakuGameraPosted 2/13/2013 3:57:52 AM
FF13 is amazing
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#7j-fielding95Posted 2/13/2013 3:59:32 AM
I beg to differ, and feel it is a great game.
#8Azure_lKitePosted 2/13/2013 4:05:27 AM
It was my first PS3 game... Since FF was my favorite series ever, I had a ungodly amount of hype for it.

At first, my mind was blown. Y'know..."OMGOGOMG THIS IS SOOO PRETTY" but as it goes on, it really is a chore. I even tried to defend it at first, but it's just a mediocre game. I played it for 100~ hours, got the Platinum, but it took me over 6 months to gather willpower to do that, and I only did because I really liked the series and I always used to do everything in those games. XIII packs:

- Hallway structure. Absolutely no towns. No NPCs. Lame save point shops.

- Terrible characters, specially Hope and Vanille. It's sad that the best character in the game is the supposed comic relief.

- Battle system had a lot of potential, but that's null and void when you can just mash X through the whole main story and let auto-battle win for you. Also, limited parties until over half of the game?What? Shame, because you can really see this could be good when you fight Long Gui/Vercingetorix.

- Ending makes no sense whatsoever.

- Incredibly stupid sidequests. Literally all of them are "kill X monster".

It's not completely unplayable, but it's really limited. The only point where it excels are the graphics, as it's probably still the prettiest JRPG ever. 5/10 game, 3/10 Final Fantasy.
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#9IamthekuzalolPosted 2/13/2013 4:06:47 AM
One of the worst JRPG this gen.
#10OtakuGameraPosted 2/13/2013 4:08:24 AM
One of the worst JRPG this gen.

you've not played alot to make this statement
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