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Now I understand why DA3 may skip

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3 years ago#11
No the article wasnt an official statement from Bioware although that person worked at EA, he didnt work for Bioware/EA he was part of an overseas division with no connections to EA/Bioware.

So the article wasnt official cause it wasnt from the Director of Dragon Age Mike Lidaw who has been talking via twitter saying DA 3 was still on track for this year.

Mike Lidaw Runs Dragon Age such as Casey Hudson is over Mass Effect 2 diffrent games under 2 diffrent teams.

So the article you people beleieve in so much wasnt the official statement.
3 years ago#12
Also the new DA is suppose to focus more on Customization such as Castle which more than likely is our new Base of Operations.

We are once again stuck being a Human MC which can only be WARRIOR, ROGUE & MAGE, but unlike DA 2 you can now select from Background Options such as Origins had maybe something like Inquistion, Slave, Bandit or Nobility could be Background choices.

The story seems to be heads above the other 2, Basically saving the world from itself such as Civil War in Orlais with diffrent factiions fighting there. The Mysterious Inquistion order, The Chantry is about Fall, The Templars have left, The Mages have rebelled and those 2 are also at War.

Guess what that is not all now we have to deal with Mysterious Portals opening up and letting hoards of Darkspawn, Demons, and other evils onto Thedad and trying to find out the deal behind all this chaos and the person responsible for it.

Many suggest Morrigan will return, a Cameo from Hawke & Warden and Flemeth is also in and so will Sandal & Bohdan.

But if Next gen is Always On then I will not be getting Next gen or playing DA 3.
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