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Is there a way to make the PS3 think that a laptop is an HDD?

#1lihlihPosted 2/13/2013 3:24:02 PM
I need to back up my save files because the PS3 is showing signs of YLODing again. I won't be reballing again, because although the last reball made my PS3 last for like 2 years, I'm just going to get a slim.(goodbye, BC... T.T)

Only thing is, I don't have an HDD, and none of my friends do, so I've been stuck not being able to play my PS3 for the longest time.
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#2DoramiPosted 2/13/2013 3:41:16 PM
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#3DoramiPosted 2/13/2013 3:44:39 PM
...If you're just backing up saves, drop the less than $10 price for a USB drive and use that instead. It's probably less expensive than the male to male USB cable that you will need to connect the PS3 to the laptop via USB.
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#4AstroshakPosted 2/13/2013 4:19:14 PM
Try getting the slim PS3 now, before the old PS3 YLoD's.

Then simply initiate a complete file transfer, and you'll get everything moved, including saves that are copy protected and so cannot be moved to a thumb drive.