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For Valentine's Day,What's your favorite Video Game love story?

#171MizunoRyuuPosted 2/14/2013 12:18:07 PM
All answers that are not Hanako's route in Katawa Shoujo are both incorrect and stupid.
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#172h23456bcaPosted 2/14/2013 12:25:40 PM
Going to have to go with FFX
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#173mamervPosted 2/14/2013 12:27:41 PM
Braid - nothing better than the hidden story of a man's love for nuclear weapons.
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#174KeyBlade999Posted 2/14/2013 12:33:04 PM
Probably the one in FFX, or FFVII.
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#175ValzacardXPosted 2/14/2013 12:35:30 PM
From: Cinerary | #018

Even has incests
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#176ChronoCactaurPosted 2/14/2013 12:42:49 PM
I have to say, Tidus X Yuna.

If something better comes to mind, I'll update. But that one really sticks out.
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#177Fear the MONKEYPosted 2/14/2013 12:50:15 PM
cincib0i posted...
Garl Vinland+Maiden Astraea

glad you mentioned garl and astraea. i feel like that whole scenario is under appreciated. without spoiling too much, he literally does anything and everything for her, following her without question even into..."there".

anyway, ill throw in xenogears and shadow hearts as well...
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#178Shishio07Posted 2/14/2013 12:57:43 PM
Xenogears probably has the best storyline ever across all boards
#179chrischaserxPosted 2/14/2013 12:58:19 PM
Mario and Princess Peach.
#180melbye80Posted 2/14/2013 1:05:37 PM
Shulk and Fiora