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For Valentine's Day,What's your favorite Video Game love story?

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User Info: Seifer_us

4 years ago#51
Here's mine:

And they say romance is dead?

EDIT: In all honesty, probably Fei and Elly in Xenogears. It was just such a well fleshed out relationship and I love the jump from bitter enemies to basically discovering they're soulmates (and not just figuratively); not to mention they actually did the deed before the end of the game and it was handled very tastefully. Most Japanese games aren't even willing to show anything beyond a kiss. Blew my freakin' mind at age 14.
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User Info: Dimension Door

Dimension Door
4 years ago#52
Fei & Elly. They were in love BEFORE they were even born.

User Info: SkiethXInnis

4 years ago#53
Seeing Xenogears posts is urging me to play it again lol,I think I'll do that before I hit the sack.
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User Info: Gingarito

4 years ago#54
Dominic Santiago and Maria..... such a tragedy :(
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

4 years ago#55
SkiethXInnis posted...
Although it's tomorrow,let's start it up tonight!

I'll always favor Alex and Luna from Lunar Silver Star Story.......I don't know why it's not in the PS1 Classics yet...-__-
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User Info: Sighto

4 years ago#56
Two of my favorites:
MC + Lyon from Suikoden 5.
Maxim + Selan from Lufia 2.

User Info: Evel138

4 years ago#57
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User Info: Boutchie23

4 years ago#58
Ezio and every Italian woman
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User Info: pb409

4 years ago#59
FFX for me.

User Info: AmanoJ

4 years ago#60
Ico and SotC are great.
Also really liked Zidane and Garnet.

Always a special place in my heart for Locke and Celes, though. :P
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