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HOLY ****. Darksiders 2 is $14.99 at Best Buy right now!

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User Info: Hucast9

4 years ago#31
TheGrumpyCat posted...

some other good sales too.

Just found out about it yesterday, and I ordered one. Had I known about this eariler I would've got it asap. Cheapassgamer doesn't seem to update their front page too much anymore, so it's not too easy to see these deals. I had clicked on "deals" and didn't see it there either in the Best Buy section. Cheapassgamer, please stop slacking.

User Info: badnewsliar

4 years ago#32
RockSauron posted...
theshoveller posted...
RockSauron posted...
I really hope Crytek USA (the studio built off the ashes of Vigil) will be put to work on a spiritual successor, and not just make a FPS or whatever...

Wasn't really a fan of the story, so much that I skipped the cutscenes on the second run for the first time in my life, but god dammit, I need more Zelda clones.

I still don't get how people say the Darksiders games are "Zelda clones." It's mind-bottling.

Well, it's not a Zelda clone, but that's the closest I can think of for a game that features exploration and puzzle solving with items you collect :/

3D Dot Game Heroes is much closer IMO

User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#33
who cares.
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User Info: mmc2679

4 years ago#34
I've scored the Limited Edition from Best Buy. They didn't have the regular edition in stock. I had to wait 40 minutes for them to come to a decision and I left the shop a happy gamer. :D
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User Info: all_that_juice

4 years ago#35
Picked up DS2 at BB today for $15 with great timing too as there was still one LE left and I got it! Nice! The rest were all standard edition. I got the free Argul's tomb DLC.

I know it's really lame to complain considering I got everything for $15, but I was a little disappointed I couldn't get the free Vander Smash to work. I followed the instructions in the e-mail, logged into the site, enter my country and platform, and I kept get the message, "Sorry we can't register you right now."

I just went back to the site now, tried again, and it won't even let me log in, saying I must "link my in-game account," which I already did. I'm thinking maybe the Darksiders website isn't working properly anymore. I guess that would make sense seeing as the company is in financial straits. Plus, as I said before it's hard to complain considering the price I paid for this.
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User Info: Sum_quod_eris

4 years ago#36
Merc123 posted...
Sure it ripped off some other games styles but it had fun combat, fun platforming and fun puzzles.

There's a difference between incorporating concepts from other series (pretty much what every type of media has been doing for decades) and "ripping off" things.
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User Info: Cobra9860

4 years ago#37
Thanks tc, actually wasnt sold out.


4 years ago#38
I just bought it for 13.49 with the first game and all the DLC last month.

Oops. I thought I was on the PC board.
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User Info: J5_isAlive

4 years ago#39
Just scored a few minutes ago. Thanks for the heads up.
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