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Why do people like journey so much?

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3 years ago#21
You are not the target audience, which is totally okay.
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3 years ago#22
Foreveralone journey

*black shades
because you know that's right
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3 years ago#23
it makes you cry man tears

and then you go back to playing COD and Dark Souls shooting and slashing afterwards and try to forget the way the music made you feel
3 years ago#24
doofy102 posted...
The "this game is special because it's ART" argument is BS and misleading as to why this game is actually loved.

The truth is, people just like it because it has a beautiful, poignant atmosphere and world (neither of which are required for something to be art, but yes, wonderful game).


It's the care that went into crafting the beautiful, poignant atmosphere and world that makes it art.
3 years ago#25
Opinions, for example, in my opinion, your username sounds like "DErP BrrRBrrp"

Just my opinion on a fitting username.
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3 years ago#26
i don't like this game's soundtrack either. if you thought the game was overrated, the music is at a whole 'nother level. It was nominated for best soundtrack of anything ever. Like 40% of the game had no soundtrack, just quietness and atmosphere. the songs suck as well too. That's my opinion, but it seems there are WAY too many people who like the soundtrack and the game, so there must be something I'm missing.
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3 years ago#27
mogar002 posted...
king_zetta posted...
It's an experience man

If you want an experience you'll never forget, mix prune juice with tobasco sauce.

or try to drink diet coke with mentos in ur mouth
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