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~ *** THE OFFICIAL February 20th Sony announcement topic *** ~ - Part 1

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4 years ago#41
Oh well! lol
4 years ago#42
Jx1010 posted...
But we are still 4 days away...

Theres nothing to talk about yet lol
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4 years ago#43
SomnusNemoris posted...
Anybody else loving these KAZ GIFs?

omg those are so damn funny I laughed my ass off thank you haha
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4 years ago#44
Announcement Sony and Nintendo team up to bring you the Perfect Nintendo Entertainment System; or, PNES for short.
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4 years ago#45
Bwaaa PNES!

And you're welcome Digital Ninja.

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4 years ago#46

lol, poor reggie
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4 years ago#47
I expect to see:

- Awkward joke about how things get leaked on the internet
- Reveal that the PS4 is, indeed, coming soon!
- Some mockup video of how it will create a *new lifestyle*! You can watch movies, make video calls, even shop on the internet with a web browser!
- Reveal of the controller! The one we've seen in photos.
- A tech demo video demonstrating potential graphics. Not of any upcoming games, just something created entirely to 'show off' the specs.
- Coming soon in early 2014 in America and Japan... and 'TBA' in Europe, of course.
- No exact release date, no pricing information.
- Awkward joke about "the next generation of gaming starts when we say it does"
- "Come by our booth at E3, we still have some more surprises to reveal!"

I'm looking forward to the event to see if any of my predictions are accurate at all. ^.^
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4 years ago#48
bump for lulz
4 years ago#49
All I know is that its confirmed for this year and the controller does indeed have that odd looking touchscreen lol.

Im thinking of a worldwide Saturday release this winter!
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4 years ago#50
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