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3 years ago#31
I like FF8's story, areas and setup better,
but I love the ATE (Active Time Event) + Skill Learning system from FFIX.

Ultimately you need to play both.
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3 years ago#32
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3 years ago#33
Lots of this is just personal preference really...neither were terrible games. When they originally came out I absolutely loved 8 and really disliked 9. They both have their good and bad points. Both deserve a play
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3 years ago#34
I love 8 more, but 9 is still great.

Thing about FFVIII is that it executes many facets of the game questionably, such as junction and draw system as well as the ridiculous amount of plot twist yet there is something magical when I see the opening cutscene, the amazing Balamb Garden and its musics, all those SeeD missions, the OST.

Forgot to mention the damn sound effects. The sound of footsteps were surreal back in the days, and I always love SFX played when moving the cursor and loading a save file.
3 years ago#35
Both. But you should play it in order so you can see the natural evolution of the series.
3 years ago#36
8 is better.
3 years ago#37
9 is the overall better game.

I LOVED 8. It's in my top 5 RPGs. But, I understand that it's not for everyone.

If you can only get one, get 9.
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3 years ago#38
I have to go with VIII.

I just tried replaying both games. I finished and enjoyed VIII. I stopped IX at disc 2.

VIII has depth to the battle system and the card game is quite fun. The card game is also able to net you magic, and so you can avoid drawing.

IX is great the first time, but is so slow and has pretty dull gameplay in subsequent playthroughs. So, VIII is more replayable.

IX has a better world map. IX has a better story i suppose and the characters are overall better. VIII's story isn't bad and the love story, which is the main point of it, is solid.

However, ultimately it comes down to gameplay and I think VIII's is more interesting in the long haul.

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3 years ago#39
I really liked both games, this was truly a golden era for the FF franchise, but I would choose VIII over IX. I would choose, 8 over 7 by a tiny margin.
3 years ago#40
IX's characters are way better, but the gameplay is pretty meh. VIII has a decent story and the battles are more interesting.
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