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Watch out, Sony is trying to screw you over with the GoW Ascension Bundle
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xTyrant---153/29 4:57PM
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Anyone know what the upcoming spring sales are going to be?
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xTyrant---113/29 1:17PM
DDS and GoW:A worth it?
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denniedarko153/29 1:17PM
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What do you think the last PS3 game will be?
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Dersu_Uzala173/29 12:16PM
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Anna - Extended Edition is being released for PS3 this weekVarron23/29 9:40AM
Mortal Kombat X delayed til Summer for PS3 and 360
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Megamushroom666233/29 8:59AM
What is your favorite game that has a wolf in it?
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Bearprint483/29 8:45AM
which is better naruto storm 2 and revolution or kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 ?
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ahmednaruto2013123/29 8:21AM
hatsune miku project 2nd fyumikayamashita33/29 7:55AM