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Most Beautiful game you've seen. Ever.

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3 years ago#111
As in, most I've ever been impressed by graphics at the time of first playing it?

No contest, original Ninja Gaiden on NES. Back then those cutscenes were as astounding in a video game as 4K 3D 240Hz would be today.

At one point, Myst was mind boggling. That passed after a while and I never got into the game, though.

For high-rez games judged on sheer beauty...probably Skyrim on PC, maxed out with texture mods.
3 years ago#112
SoTC HD or Crysis. I've never played a PC game, my computer can barely run Chrome >_>
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3 years ago#113
Xenoblade, followed by Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Ni No Kuni was also really pretty, but I think it had a lot of potential that went unfulfilled. If they could have made giant expansive -explorable- environments like Xenoblade had, but with the Ghibli artstyle... Ohhh, woe be unto anyone who could call it "kiddy" after that...
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3 years ago#114
Final Fantasy X and Valkyria Chronicles, can't split them. So, so beautiful, but in such different styles. Coincidentally, they are my two favourite games of the last two generations. Ni No Kuni is also absolutely beautiful, but it's art style is similar to VC, and VC did it first, so that gives it the edge IMO.
3 years ago#115
Okami HD. No other game even comes close.
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3 years ago#116
Red Dead Redemption, especially the 360 version. One of the few games where I can just totally lose myself in the visuals. Just a very beautiful game.
3 years ago#117
*searches for journey*

*finds a dozen results and one in the first post*

*is happy*

...also, Okami.
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3 years ago#118
RDR and Skyrim! I have found a lot of RPG`s beautiful but these two took my breathe away!
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3 years ago#119
As far as nostalgia goes, when Kingdom Hearts & kingdom Hearts 2 came out it blew my mind with those CGI openings and the graphics where pretty awesome for it's time

PoP 2008 is the most beautiful game artistically that I've played

A maxed out Witcher 2 and BF3 are both technically stunning, however Skyrim with an ENB and a gazillion texture mods can look damn near perfect and although GTA4 is a fairly old game, with the right mods it can be hard to determine some of the screenshots made from real life.
3 years ago#120
Dragon Quest VIII and Ni No Kuni.
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