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IF SquareEnix is smart then Noctis needs a redesign.

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3 years ago#51
RemakeMe posted...
SigmaHaciel posted...
RemakeMe posted...
Lelouch71 posted...
I actually like Noctis designs even though he looks like Sasuke and Haseo. I'm glad Nomura and SE won't be listening to you.

Considering you use say he looks like (insert anime character here) I'm not surprised.

We ALL get that you are a dudebro. You can stop. You have your own RPGs.

Is dudebro suppose to be an insult? SquareEnix is falling off hard, if you are okay with it being a sinking ship whatever.

no it's not
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3 years ago#52
RemakeMe posted...

You realize a lot of people jumping ship were fans of Square including me? Their audience is abandoning them as well they need to find a way to appeal to everyone. But i digress, i say everyone, and you people hear west only. I guess weeaboo is strong here.

No, we really don't hear West only. You're just ignorant to people's arguements why Square has no need to change their character design. You should just accept "normal" character design does not fit in Final Fantasy, and do take the world 'fantasy' well. It's fantasy, imagination. If someone can't deal with that, these games aren't for them in the first place and a "normal" design character would not suddenly make them like this type of game.

Still funny how you skip on my post about a redesign of Cloud if a Final Fantasy VII remake would happen. At the same time on your dearest Metal Gear, Raiden's design isn't all that Western, unlike Snake. People that know Final Fantasy expect the character design to not be "normal".

Your logic is flawed.

At this rate the next thing you'll suggest the story has to be realistic to appeal to everyone.
3 years ago#53
accidental double post, nvm this one!
3 years ago#54
I thought Versus XIII was going to be a final fantasy with a theme of older japanese culture. I doubt you'll be seeing much pandering towards people that poke their noses up at japanese style and carry on about western this and western that.
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