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Playasia has Atelier series and HDN mk2 20$ each

#31Neonwarrior1243(Topic Creator)Posted 2/23/2013 10:37:09 PM
gudaman posted...
Neonwarrior1243 posted...
gudaman posted...
Is anyone familiar with the game


I was just doing some more searching and it showed up. I haven't read or seen anything about it yet as i just now discovered it but I'm just curious is anyone here has any opinions on it.

This is the link I followed to read anything about the game in case anyone is curious about it also.

also, is this an import only game or has it been localized for NA or in english?

Well look at that of course it gets a localization day the day after I say so far no date, it's coming this summer since NISA is bringing it over.

lol, now tell me that there isn't a date when a bus full of playmates is going to break down and seduce me this year.

Also, I just bought WKC2, Katamari, and HDNmk2

Like a boss.

also, now I'm broke.

So far no date for when the playboy playmate will break down in front of your house and pay for rent with their bodies lol.