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What are your favorite Online Co-op games? (Archived)
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Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Vs Dark Souls (not all souls)! (Poll)
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completeboy201/22 10:59AM
FFXIII, DmC Devil may cry, and The Last of Us are really good games. (Archived)MyWifeBeatsMe81/22 10:49AM
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Gamers Born Before 1990: Game quality wise, is the PS3/360/Wii gen the best? (Archived)HaloODSTD21/22 8:40AM
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Cross Edge rare?? (Archived)
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ClassicRich111/22 6:02AM
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Are you going to use the 10% off this weekend? (Poll)
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Junpei_Stupei111/22 3:00AM
Square Enix & 2K Sale - Over 100 games discounted (Archived)
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sixpackgamer331/22 2:57AM
Still only have a PS2. I think it's time to move on to the PS3? (Archived)
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Sirius111/22 2:09AM
Games that represent food to you? (Archived)
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carsauce211/21 10:51PM
Classic isometric style Rpgs for PS3? (Archived)DingytheMan31/21 8:49PM
$11 in my wallet, which of these should I get? (Poll)
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rigice191/21 8:31PM