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top 10 games which focus on singleplayer gameplay (Archived)
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action19812012/11 6:33AM
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Far Cry 4 is the most epic game I ever played (its not even from a Flash Sale) (Archived)
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gotalambo2512/11 4:02AM
Best game in the Final Fantasy XIII series (Poll)
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Hucast99912/11 3:42AM
Is Voice Acting holding back PS1 classics? (Archived)
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knightoffire551512/11 2:51AM
Should I get Destiny at this price? (Archived)
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funguy101112/11 2:32AM
Quick people get on sony! (Archived)overlordlaharl0912/11 2:29AM
Are the rumble-less Dualshock 3 of lower quality than Dualshock 3 with rumble? (Archived)hijokaiden1012/11 1:21AM
HELP! I Keep Getting Signed Out After I Start a Game (Archived)lorenzo_4195112/11 1:14AM
Question regarding Suikoden and buying from US PSN (Archived)
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ArchangelVino1112/10 11:41PM
Now that Suikoden II is finally up on the PSN, what about Brave Fencer Musashi? (Archived)JurassicBond1012/10 10:44PM
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I need help choosing a couple jrpgs on PSN (Archived)ArchangelVino912/10 7:39PM
Does anyone know this game? (Archived)Rizzman111412/10 7:30PM
Yakuza 5 announcement shows Sega hasn't changed one bit (article) (Archived)
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docman8644412/10 7:21PM
Finished Deadly Premonition (Archived)AzurexNightmare812/10 7:12PM
Are you spoiled? (Archived)
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overlordlaharl09712/10 7:09PM