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Games like Lost Vikings, is Trine like that and if not what games are?KaspaUFgator78/24 2:44AM
I hate PS3 game patches.
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pipebomb__sushi118/24 2:42AM
Sly Collection and God of War Collection worth $9.99?
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Megamushroom666268/24 1:27AM
Big insight into why we get broken games and how the industry should fix ittomcatobitrice28/24 1:04AM
Games with gibbing and dismemberment?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ViciousXl2138/24 12:53AM
what's your most anticipated ps3 game before end of the year?
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Billy Trance408/24 12:41AM
RE5 or RE6? (Poll)
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Adalwulfy208/23 11:27PM
Infinity Ward should do a FPS remake of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City!BOZK78/23 11:11PM
How long will Sony Support the PS3?
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TheMisterManGuy198/23 11:08PM
Console gaming kinda sucks in the game sales categoryThePlasmaStorm108/23 10:58PM
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What year did you buy your PS3? (Poll)
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Megamushroom666258/23 9:07PM
The Best PS3 Game of 2013 (Poll)
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E8Silicon278/23 8:53PM
ITT: You can only post Playstation 3 Game Spoilers
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MourningReigns288/23 8:41PM
How do I install more memory for my PS3?-JunkoEnoshima-68/23 8:03PM
dragon age inquisition caters the mage class.Billy Trance68/23 7:42PM