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Biggest "Getting Crap Past The Radar" moment in an E rated game?
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FUNimation App for PS3
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HoIlywood3212/27 5:39PM
I got Siren Blood Curse for Xmas and wow this game is coolPaperCogFlimsy612/27 5:38PM
do you like jrpg?
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cd66665412/27 5:23PM
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Is Darksiders 2 complete worth 15 bucks in the flash sale?BigBlackCod412/27 4:49PM
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Tales of Xillia vs Xillia 2 vs Graces f (Poll)
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PS3 won't let me go to the next steps of connecting WiFiHOTJaVaLaVa712/27 3:56PM
question on the 1st Infamous. No spoilers.GuyFawkes5612/27 3:40PM
We better get some compensation from Sony after this PSN debacle!
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My_Unit1112/27 2:53PM
Rate my Xmas haul
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KI11AK1512/27 2:49PM
What is your all-time favorite Splinter Cell game? (Poll)Jamin--212/27 2:37PM
PSN is back up
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
CountDread1212/27 2:27PM
Will PSN be back up before the $$$FLASH SALE$$$ is over?knightoffire55712/27 2:20PM