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Am I getting to old for ps3 gaming?

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4 years ago#1
I know its a weird thing to ask on a game board but sometimes i wonder. I have over 100 ps3 games and 23 collectors editions displayed in my man cave and video game posters hanging up and sometimes when i look at them i think im 26 wtf am i doing? But i love playing video games and i love collectors editions. IDK im just confused i guess
4 years ago#2
Six Years Later...

Am I getting too old for PS4 gaming? I'm 32-years-old...
4 years ago#3
4 years ago#4
So you weren't born in 1911?
There is a board for RPG, you know:
4 years ago#5
Rooster Teeth, that it all.
I believe in Jim Gordon...I believe in Harvey Dent...I believe in Gotham City
4 years ago#6
1911 is the pistol I legally own
4 years ago#7
You're never too old for gaming. That's like saying you're too old to watch movies or you're too old to watch TV. It's just another form of entertainment.
4 years ago#8
i'm 23 and i game as a hobby, but man-cave full of 100 ps3 games? no way. i have no time to play dozens of games let alone a hundred. do something else once in a while. go and play sports or go outdoors, when' you'er 40 you won't have both the time and the energy to do those types of things.
4 years ago#9
ya but collectors editions and posters?
4 years ago#10
Yeah to old for the PS3. Time to upgrade to the master race.
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