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Which is the better overall experience between Persona 3 games?

#11JulesNeciPosted 2/20/2013 1:46:47 AM
I like FES better, since you can actually run around as opposed to point and click than P3P.
But then again, you can control your team members in PSP, not FES, and I'm kind of a control freak when it comes to my rpgs
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#12DocDeliciousPosted 2/20/2013 1:47:52 AM
IRELANDforever posted...
Nightwish posted...
As far as ps2 classics go it doesn't look half bad as long as you aren't expecting high res or anything

Will it look exactly like me playing it on my ps2?

It looks better than P3P. Although they added a Female playable main character in Portable, they took away many of the cutscenes, dumbed down the animations, just basically cut stuff out left and right.
Plus, if you enjoy The Journey enough you have The Answer to enjoy afterward with FES.

Get FES. Much better experience.
Just look into the P3 FES PSN Save Glitch a bit, get a thumbdrive, back up your save every now and again and spare yourself some possible headaches.
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