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Rogue legacy priceMindwipe7747/29 10:51PM
Can someone please justify all the hype that TLOU has gotten?
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WhySoMean947/29 10:28PM
How to fix broken power/eject tab buttons without needing to order replacementsleepingdragon927/29 10:19PM
New PSN Flash sale
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Illcallyou117/29 10:19PM
Recommend me a hack and slash game.
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gzorze_00137/29 10:15PM
Which site do you trust more? Digital Foundry or Lense of Truth?KainReaver10997/29 10:13PM
Saints Row 4 and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Free In Plus In August? SR2 sucks
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Rockstarwars267/29 10:10PM
New Info Regarding Dragon's Keepdragondrive3347/29 9:52PM
1080i only in my PS3Alfieri x27/29 9:47PM
How do you feel about missables? (Poll)Spurner107/29 9:43PM
I've never played all the way through an AC game.Krampus61777/29 9:41PM
What games are you playing the rest of 2014
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dragondrive33147/29 9:35PM
I know im probably a little late to the party...CustomCreAZN37/29 8:58PM
I really want a good dungeon crawler rpg
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MetroidHunter13337/29 8:24PM
I live in Australia, and I gotta say...
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Trailblazer34137/29 7:56PM
Netflix Crashing, a lot!MasterOGA17/29 7:56PM
My PS3 has never been opened for cleaning since I got it.ravenom_0637/29 7:35PM
Good 4 player co op or party games?DeathScythe_52747/29 7:32PM
2 very different kinds of RPG's, backlash from both but pick 1 you enjoyed more? (Poll)
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KaspaUFgator397/29 7:21PM
Do you think Plus is getting Saints Row IV next month? (Poll)knightoffire5567/29 7:16PM