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Sony's stocks drop and even more bad news

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3 years ago#21
SDFan18 posted...
matt091282 posted...
I was refering to new games. Eventually they are all going to be digital only I would imagine. I really hope not, though.

Not with the PS4 anyways. Maybe the next go around but I think the demand for physical will almost always outweigh demand for digital.

I think so too. Most people like having a physical/hard copy of the game.
3 years ago#22
Sophistication posted...

What does that mean? "No, ps4 won't play packaged software. "

That seems troubling... I guess the stocks dropping didn't help either... investors aren't impressed.

It does not have to mean that at all...

Stocks & Shares can often fluctuate after a large announcement like this no matter who the company are. It does not indicate that investors are not being impressed but rather the "floating" and none-committing share holders are hedging their bets.
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3 years ago#23
Alltra posted...
Regardless, "Package Software" needs clarification.

Retail disc games that come in a package.

The PS4 is not setup to play PS3 games from the disc. It will eventually play them through streaming, if I got the conference right.
3 years ago#24
Wow so it looks like all the rumors were indeed true, sucks to be a PS4!
3 years ago#25
Nintendo's stocks dropped also right after Wii U was shown. Isn't that pretty normal after a new console is revealed?
It takes time for people to warm up to new things.
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