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If classic games had trophies like the PS3...

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User Info: 2NIKNIM

4 years ago#11
Tomb Raider 10,000 Face plants

Resident Evil: No deaths and no health spray in a in a single playthrough.
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User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#12
Dragon Warrior 7:

- "Warrior of the Seven Dragons" - Obtained all trophies and saved the world! (Platinum)
- "Head of the class" - Mastered all human classes (Gold)
- "I will Rue this day!" - Mastered all monster classes (Gold)
- "Book'em Charlie" - Completed the monster Book (Gold)
- "Wizards of the Coastal" - Cleared Coastal and restored the world map to it's former glory. (Silver)
- "The Anti-Christ" - Defeated God (Silver)
- "Surely you chest" - Opened all chests (Silver)
- "By your powers combined...!" Defeat the Terra, Wind, Flame, and Water elements and recruit God (Silver)
- "New York City or bust!" - Expand your town to max (Silver)
- "No stone left unturned" - Found all mini medals (Silver)
- "Leader of the boards" - Get first place in all competitions in Litorud (Silver)
- "That's not my job!" - Mastered your first class (Bronze)
- "Sausagefest" - Clear Rexwood (Bronze)
- "High roller" - Win ten times in all casino games (Bronze)
- "Gotta catch'em all!" - Collect 20 or more monsters for your monster park (Bronze)
- "High and Stoned" - Obtained the Skystone (Bronze)
- "Hero of time" - Melvin joined your party! (Bronze)
- "It takes two to tango" - Aira joined your party! (Bronze)
- "You fox you....err....." - Gabo joined your party! (Bronze)
- "Kiefer, we aren't in Kansas anymore!" - Discover the secret of the ruins (Bronze)
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User Info: SHAO-Khan

4 years ago#13
Tomb Raider 1-

Kill Trex with pistols
no kills except bosses/required to finish level
no medpacks used
pistols only run
fatality-kill Lara in every way

Tomb Raider 2-

speedrun - beat individual areas within certain times
Dinohunter - kill both Trexes
no medpacks used
no deaths in individual sections
pistols only
Kill the Dragon without being burned
Dinohunter 2 - kill a Trex with the harpoon gun

Tomb Raider 3
MY MEDPACK! - kill the monkey before he steals your medpack
IMPOSSIBLE - beat the game with no medpacks used AND nevada being the last area before antarctica
GTA MOFO- kill 7 guards with a quad

Resident Evil DC-
Jill Sandwich - get crushed by the ceiling
Sorry Richard - kill Richard and keep the serum for yourself
Oh my Cod - kill Forrest
Knife master - beat hard with a knife only
Herbalist - heal only with herbs
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User Info: bigtiggie23

4 years ago#14
Castlevania SotN

"Vanquisher of Evil"-Complete the Monster List
"Every Nook and Cranny"-Get 200% map completion
"All Possible Outcomes"-See every ending
"Hey Big Spender"-Purchase the Duplicator
"Blind as a Bat"-Make it through the spike tunnel without using sonar
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User Info: kel25

4 years ago#15
Too many RPGs to list. It's my favorite genre and I've always tried to do everything possible in every RPG I've played.
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