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Serious question: Why do people hate Gamestop?

#41JessicaJungxo(Topic Creator)Posted 2/22/2013 1:25:18 PM
darkphoenix181 posted...
What is the point of your post?

They can do what they want, but that doesn't mean people have no right to dislike them for it.

Welcome to freedom to form an opinion.

I mean your reply has to be one of the most fanboyish replies ever. You don't like that I posted legitimate reasons for the hate so you created a strawman to attack. Now you are exposed for what you are.

Might I also add I shop at gamestop and even have a power rewards account so I do not hate them at all.
But I am also not ignorant to think dumb practices like the ones I mentioned shouldn't be detested.

LoL exposed myself for what I am?

Go ahead and hate on Gamestop, idc. Let it go out of business, idc. Like I said, I mostly use Amazon, eBay, Glyde, and goHastings.
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