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Predict when you'll buy a PS4! And when you bought a PS3.

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User Info: MrMolinaro

4 years ago#101
PS1 - 3 weeks after the release of FFVII
PS2 - Launch
PS3 - July 08 before the MGS4 80 gig BC bundles dissapeared
PS4 - Launch

User Info: darkmew1

4 years ago#102
If I could date way back to when I bought every Playstation, I would, but I was only five when the PS1 was released and I honestly can't remember when I got my PS2, so...

PS3: 2010
PS4: Most likely a few months after release. If I can get it as a Christmas present, that'd be great.

User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

4 years ago#103
The price determines when I'll buy it.
$199, though I might go up to $250 max.

I bought my PS3 brand new for $199 in June 2011 with 2 free games, which I sold for $70, making my final PS3 price about $140.
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User Info: Dragoon Kongol

Dragoon Kongol
4 years ago#104
I was 17 years old at the time and had been working a full time job for a little over 2 weeks when I bought my PS3 in January 2007. I had the original fatty with Resistance. I work now at a full time job making 3 dollars more an hour than at the previous job, I am married with my wife working as a teacher making the same as me, so with both of our incomes together it shouldn't be much of a stretch to buy this at launch. Though I might wait til Black Friday to see if there is ANY type of special. If not hey, I will buy one when I can as a Christmas present this year.

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User Info: flipmode_1

4 years ago#105
Release date. Gonna preorder from gamestop right when they become available. Gonna be an xmas/bday present from parent. Ill pay half.
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User Info: sldfghtrike

4 years ago#106
I bought my PS3 December of '08 so 25 months after release

I predict I will buy my PS4 sometime within the first year of release
PSN: SldFghtrIke
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User Info: Eureka_Seven_RL

4 years ago#107
Am I the only one that's actually going to compare the PS4 and 720 before buying?
PSN: crow-sama

User Info: DEMONPANDA212

4 years ago#108
Nicodimus posted...
PS3 - launch

PS4 - not sure if I will or not. Need more info.


User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#109
Got a PS3 in 2008.

If I ever buy a PS4, it will be long after next gen is over. As it stands right now, I have no interest in it at all.
PSN- BlackRain8782
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User Info: bigdeez

4 years ago#110
ps3 - March 2009
ps4 - need more info on launch games etc.
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