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Predict when you'll buy a PS4! And when you bought a PS3.

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3 years ago#161
PS3 - August 2007 - MGS4 80GB Version.

PS4 - Probably launch, so long as there is one great launch title (I made the mistake of buying a WiiU without a great launch title, Sigh. I beat Mario in one night and haven't touched it since)
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3 years ago#162
Got my PS3 in 08 for christmas. Probs get a PS4 a year or so after launch or earlier if some great games come out for it.
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3 years ago#163
Bought a PS3 about two years ago. Wish I would've bought one sooner.

As for PS4...probably going to wait a year or so, for the glitches and kinks to be smoothed out and the library of games to make it worth buying without a second thought. Hopefully, a price reduction, even though the rumor is that the PS4 won't be as expensive as the PS3.
3 years ago#164
PS3-price drop
PS4-price drop
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3 years ago#165
I probably won't buy a PS4 for a LONG time. I'm not even done playing with my older consoles and still have as much fun playing Snes as my PS3. Unless something like FF Versus comes out or something.
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3 years ago#166
PS3: 2009

PS4: Not sure.
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3 years ago#167
TaijutsuJoshua posted...
Never bought a system at launch, I like to wait a year or so for the library to grow and it's relevance worth it, that way I don't waste any money.

SAME. Gotta let Sony work out the bugs n glitches of those first batch of consoles too.

PS3 - January of 2010

PS4 - I'll probably wait a couple of months, but need to know the price to determine that
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3 years ago#168
Got a PS3 the next Christmas after launch, but my mum started paying it off from launch, so it was still $1000.

I'll probably get a PS4 three years after it launches, but my brother seems sold on it already, and I'm worried he'll spend all his savings on it.
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3 years ago#169
Ps3 few years after and PS4 shortly after launch
3 years ago#170
PS3 - Never owned one
PS4 - Close to launch I hope
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