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Predict when you'll buy a PS4! And when you bought a PS3.

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User Info: Ragnawind

4 years ago#31
I bought a 40GB PS3 fat in December 2009 and hope to buy a PS4 at launch.

User Info: apocalyptic_4

4 years ago#32
PS3- a year after launch when it got a price drop, got the last 60gig. bought 2 other ps3's since then for various reasons

PS4- it would take a price of $199.99 for me to even glance at it.
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User Info: RedWarlord

4 years ago#33
No incentive for me to buy PS4 until there's a title i want for it. Buying at launch is for teenagers. I will probably wait for a price drop, not onthe console, but on the game!

I didn't buy PS3 until MGS4 came out, which i guess wasn't that long after PS3 came out, but before then, i had no incentive.

Funny enough, I asked for MGS2 as a birthday present BEFORE i could save up the money for a PS2. Lol. Waited several months with the game on the shelf before i had the console to play it. Ah, the days when you were a poor child in love with gaming. What a time...

User Info: blitz_0623

4 years ago#34
Bought a PS3 Dec 2008. Got a new one this month, Feb 2013.

Will probably get a PS4 after its first price drop. But damn KZ4 will probly make it a launch buy for me.


4 years ago#35
Bought a PS3 in 09

Buyin a PS4 day 1 depending on what they are plotting this E3 or TGS.

User Info: freepeacesweet

4 years ago#36
ps3 - at the gta4 launch.

ps4 - at the moment, its looking like day one. just need price and launch title information, then i will decide.
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User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 years ago#37
2015 or 16. I usually by consoles 2nd or third year in.

User Info: kobalobasileus

4 years ago#38
I bought my second-hand 60GB (BC) unit right around when the MGS 80GB (semi-BC) units were released.

Right now, I have no intention of buying a PS4. That may change if I see some spectacular games coming down the pipe.

User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#39
PS3- December 2011

PS4- Somewhere in 2014, earlier if Infamous Second Son is bundled or there is a rare color PS4 to be had.
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User Info: nedrith

4 years ago#40
PS3- 2009, Would of been close to launch but lacking a job seems to affect purchasing products.

PS4- Launch, With what they showed during the conference I see no reason why I won't buy one of the launch ones.
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