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Predict when you'll buy a PS4! And when you bought a PS3.

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3 years ago#41
I bought my first 2007. It was fat and happy.
Bought my slim PS3 a month ago, when I moved away for college. Didn't want to bring the fat thing with me and the super slim PS3 looked terrible.
I'm already setting money aside for the Wii U and PS4.
I'm getting the Wii U first, hopefully next month. As for the PS4, whether I'll get it at launch or not depends on the launch line up. If not, I'll probably get one some time in 2014.
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3 years ago#42
I bought my PS3 sometime in 2007.

I predict I'll buy a PS4 in 3-5 years from launch, or maybe never.
3 years ago#43
i bought my 160 gb slim PS3 a little over 2 years ago. i predict that i have the PS4 on launch day. i figure i didnt have the PS1 on launch , but i got PS2 day one. i didnt have PS3 on launch so i should get PS4 day one. keep the pattern going , i guess.
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3 years ago#44
I got my PS3 around March 07 if i remember, the 80 gig one. Then i traded it later that year for a 60 gig BC model. I bought a 120 gig slim around when it first came out and stored my 60 gig away. Then i sold that 120 gig to a friend and i bought the 160 gig Killzone 3 bundle when it first came out. Now ive traded the 160 gig and got the 500 gig white super slim to match my white Vita system. Ill pre order the PS4 as soon as its avail to do so and ill get it day 1.
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3 years ago#45
Bought PS3 in september 2008, will probably wait to buy a PS4 for about as long (more reliable console, more games, everything will be cheaper).
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3 years ago#46
I bought the PS3 when the good games were released (MGS4 + GTA IV)

I'll do the same with PS4

simple as that
3 years ago#47
Depends on what's released. It took me till September 2009 to get my PS3. Even then I wasn't entirely sold on it.
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3 years ago#48
bought 3ds at launch when it had no games
bought vita at launch when it has no games. still has no games.
bought wii u at launch when it had no games. still has no games.

gonna wait on the ps4 bro.
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3 years ago#49
By December 2014, I'll have a PS4.
I didn't get my PS3 until November of '09.
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3 years ago#50
I remembered buying the 80 gig Motorstorm Bundle in 2008.

I'll probably wait a year or two before getting the PS4. I'm in no rush to get it.
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