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Predict when you'll buy a PS4! And when you bought a PS3.

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User Info: Scrapper

4 years ago#81
PS3 - launch

PS4 - launch
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User Info: TheEasyReader

4 years ago#82
PS1 - the week of launch

PS2 - waited overnight in line for it.

PS3 - 2 days before launch (friend was the store manager and gave it to me it early)

PS4 - Unlikely or 2016. I have no interest in the 720 or Wii U either.

Maybe I am losing interest in gaming, maybe my expectations were too high for the PS4. Maybe I am happy with my PS3 and will play numerous games I missed out on the next few years?
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User Info: Twin3Turbo

4 years ago#83
PS3 - Early 2008
PS4 - Possibly never, but if I do it will be after 2 -3 price drops.

User Info: tvak

4 years ago#84
if they bring out something that lets it play ps1/2/3 disks
and if the used game thing really is just a rumor
i would say about
3 weeks before the ps5 comes out

User Info: AzureKillerDX

4 years ago#85
PS3 this christmas. PS4 when the PS5 comes out

User Info: darkstar4221

4 years ago#86
Bought my PS3 last year of May used for $199, the 160gb model. I don't like the direction where console gaming is going with the $60 retail price of video games, all the drm, and other forms of anti-consumer restrictions.

I don't like Sony. I don't care how good the specs are on the PS4, I only bought the PS3 because there is a lot of good games for the system. Sony hasn't released a good gaming device since the PSP. I'll buy a Wii U in the future once it's hacked.
DumpsterMcNuggets 4 years ago#87
PS3- 2009(?) as a gift from a friend, and interestingly the 60GB backwards compatible one.
PS4- By sometime in 2015? There are a lot of factors, including providing(though I suspect this will be the case, at this point) the PS4 does have NO restrictions whatsoever in how many different PS4s you can play a physical disc in(a la all previous PlayStation systems). I also want to know more details, such as how well streaming of the PS1-PS3 library exactly works out. Also I'm in no hurry, considering I still have enough unplayed and underplayed(former the case less often, thankfully) PS3 games to play through.
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User Info: nWoStyle

4 years ago#88
PS3 - when they started phasing out 60gbs with PS2 BC

PS4 - When they release an exclusive Disgaea 5, Persona 5, Yakuza 6, Metal Gear Solid 5, or next gen GTA.
That's not suspicious at all!
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User Info: marvello54

4 years ago#89
ps3 - about 2010 with goty oblivion

ps4 - as of right now , never . as long as there is no backward compactabilty to any games we currently own , disk or digital , i would feel i wasted alot of money on nothing . i am planning to buy another ps3 next week because i have the fatboy with 80g and i'm almost have no space left .
just sliding thru

User Info: ReiShingami1

4 years ago#90
I plan to buy PS4 at launch with Watch Dogs.
My bro bought PS3 at launch too.
PSN: ReiShingami
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