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good games on PSN for $10 or $20

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3 years ago#1
i may be buying a psn card in a few minutes, what are some good games for 10 and also for 20? i do have PS+

im thinking of getting Infamous Festival Of Blood
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3 years ago#2
In no particular order.

Tokyo Jungle
Super Stardust HD
Trine/Trine 2
Critter Crunch

If you don't have a 360 I recommend Urban Trial Freestyle. If you do have one, it would be better to instead get Trials Evolution
3 years ago#3
if you havent played the psp god of wars those are a good bet, 20 bucks for 2 full games with platinums if thats your thing
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3 years ago#4
Dead Nation is pretty good. One of the best same screen co-op in a long time.
if you already have it, i think the DLC is less than $4. It's worth playing.
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