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MGS collection or DMC collection?

#11Dark_SpiretPosted 2/24/2013 12:02:57 AM
the amount of content you get with the mgs collection is staggering. mgs2 has everything before with tons of extra content and hundreds of vr missions. i logged a good 40hours into that alone just trying to try out everything let alone beat them. 3 is arguably the best the series has to offer and looks shockingly good for a ps2 game. its also 15-20hours and comes packaged with the very first metal gears which can take up another 10-12hours. lastly you have PW which ontop of coop you have a game packed with enough content alone to rack up a good 80-100+ hours(yes its got that much content). The overall package is pretty crazy and puts to shame all other ps2 collections.