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I would like to issue a challenge to all current gen JRPG fans:

#1SuperrpgmanPosted 2/24/2013 11:08:58 AM
I asked this in another topic, and I figured that I'd ask this here.

Current Gen JRPGs have a reputation as being either games that appeal to the loli-crowd, an/or have graphics that are so dated that games on a 13 year old system outperform them.

My thoughts on this matter have always been: Well yeah, sadly most of them are, so the reputation is quite well deserved.

But I'd really love to be proven wrong, as it would give me some hope for the current state of the genre.

So I once again restate my challenge:

Kindly name 5 jrpgs released in the last 2 years on the ps3 or 360 that both have neither of the following:

1. Any party members, or characters that are important to the plot, regardless of how good actual said plot may be that are under 15, or look like they're under 15. Oh, and Dark Souls is over 2 years old just to get that out of the way.

2. Graphics that are are Rogue Galaxy quality or worse. You know, the best looking ps2 rpg.

3. Has a metacritic rating of 65 or lower. I think this is pretty generous all things considered.

If you can't do that, then at least name 10 jrpgs released on either system's history which have neither of those.

I don't think you can do it either, but I'd be very happy to be proven wrong.

If you can prove me wrong, then maybe the jrpg market isn't grasping at straws right now.

If you can't, please understand why those who started gaming in this gen Think that jrpgs are titles with very dated graphics or appeal to the loli crowd.

Oh, and to clarify:

They once again have to be on the PS3 or 360. No Wii or Vita titles.

The game needs to bypass all 3 things I mentioned. Also, keep in mind that I said that the game can't have ANY main characters that so much as LOOK under 15, so the Tales series by default is out.

I know this should be insanely obvious, but since Phoenix tried this, the games need to have a US release. If I allowed Japan Only games, you could probably list about 20 or so hentai games, all with one review each giving the game a near perfect score.

Also, if you haven't played Rogue Galaxy, kindly go watch a video or 2 of the games before replying.

Again, I really want someone to prove me wrong, as it would renew my hope in the JRPG genre.

Oh, and to start you out, here are 5 games in each system's lifetime that fit:

1-Demon's Souls
2-Dark Souls
3-Record of Agarest War
5-Resonance of Fate
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#2jrr18Posted 2/24/2013 11:11:07 AM
Dragons dogma (not sure when it came out)
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#3DignatoReRaisedPosted 2/24/2013 11:13:55 AM(edited)
NIER isn't a JRPG.

Neither are Dark and Demon's Souls.
#4AlltraPosted 2/24/2013 11:13:37 AM
There's no point to this topic, other than rubbing our noses in what we already know. Quit rubbing salt in our wounds.
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#5DoukouPosted 2/24/2013 11:20:48 AM
Final Fantasy 13
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#6Magoo111Posted 2/24/2013 11:21:57 AM
Dark Souls is a WRPG stylistically. So is Demon's Souls. I'm not sure what to call Nier, but I definitely would not call it a 'JRPG'. Record of Agarest war doesn't pass the criteria you put forth artistically, nor, if I recall correctly, by character age.

By your own limited categorization, the only game you listed that actually fit was Resonance of Fate which has been out for closer to three years now as opposed to two, thereby invalidating it as well.

So, really, you have so little understanding of your own criteria that you can't really try to judge others.
#7AlltraPosted 2/24/2013 11:25:51 AM
FFXIII wouldn't meet the criteria in 2 categories.

Released in the past 2 years.
Character that isn't or doesn't look 15.
If you're not going to share with the entire class, then don't bother sharing at all.
#8kupo1705Posted 2/24/2013 11:28:02 AM
Why in the last 2 years?
A lot of JRPGs don't even get localized.
#9AlltraPosted 2/24/2013 11:30:16 AM(edited)
You can't really do it even based on the entire lifespan of the PS3, so really 2 years isn't necessary anyway.

Hell, you can barely do it at all, across the entire lifespan of the RPG Genre.
If you're not going to share with the entire class, then don't bother sharing at all.
#10DragoonGriffithPosted 2/24/2013 11:33:13 AM
Why are people afraid of having characters in a game that look 15 or under?

Why does this complaint exist, even in games where these same characters aren't explicitly sexually presented?