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Best PSN Shooter?

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3 years ago#1
I was wondering what the consensus was around here regarding the best shooter on PSN. I am wanting something with skill progression and level-ups similar to big box games like COD.

There seems to be quite a few more on PSN than I was expecting and I was just wanting a little guidance.

Any and all help is appreciated,
Valar Morghulis
3 years ago#2
Payday The Heist.
Gear Second.
3 years ago#3
So nobody is really playing the older titles? That Section 8 game sounds good and for $5 Blacklight seems like a no brainer... but if there is nobody playing them, what's the point?

If it was just a matter of finding a good shooter I would get one but lookin' around the boards for various PSN games it seems that no matter how good a FPS is on PSN, the community just abandons it as soon as a newer one comes out.

So Payday is the flavor of the week now, huh?
Valar Morghulis
3 years ago#4
Killzone 3.
Resistance 3.
Crysis 3.
Rainbow Six Vegas 2.
GT: Jessica Jung xo (Gears 2, Halo Reach, Halo 4)
PSN: Rutgers Student (Killzone 2, Binary Domain)
3 years ago#5
^Retail games are not what I'm lookin' for. Thanks anyway.
Valar Morghulis
3 years ago#6
House of the Dead 3 + Move & Sharpshooter = FUN (especially with a friend)
3 years ago#7
Tricked Out Horo posted...
Payday The Heist.

If it HAS to be competitive, There's also Modern Combat: Domination.
3 years ago#8
I suppose it doesn't HAVE to be competitive. Are there some good SP/Co-op shooters on PSN? I guess I just assumed if I was buying it online it would be an online game lol.
Valar Morghulis
3 years ago#9
madcletus posted...
^Retail games are not what I'm lookin' for. Thanks anyway.

Killzone 3 MP (while considered a retail game) is only $15. Not sure how many people still play it. I have it (though I deleted it a while back as I needed the HDD space).
3 years ago#10
Yeah, I saw that PSN was sellin' MP portions of games individually. Not a bad tactic, IMO. Sometimes I buy games exclusively for either the SP or MP.

Here's the thing: I've been offline for almost 5 years. Now I finally have access to PSN again. So I'm lookin' for something (relatively) cheap due to it's age but still active. No use paying top dollar for a brand new game when there are 5 years of older releases for me to choose from.

But I'm startin' to think I'm gonna have to find a SP game. As I said, it seems the shelf-life for MP games on PSN is super-short.
Valar Morghulis
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