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LMAO @ people caring about Wii selling more than PS3/360....

#31foxyReyoko(Topic Creator)Posted 2/28/2013 12:55:23 PM
pokedude900 posted...
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Metroid Prime 3
Donkey Kong Country Returns
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Kirby's Return to Dreamland
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Mario Kart Wii
Super Mario Galaxy

And that was just off the top of my head.

At least you actually listed some good games, I'll give you that. But besides a handful of good 1st party games, the Wii's library just doesn't compare.

And this is just a personal opinion, but I prefer games like Metal Gear Solid, God of War 3, Max Payne 3, GTA4, Dead Space, Uncharted, etc over any of those
#32StaleCrackersPosted 2/28/2013 12:55:51 PM
Once the WiiU starts rolling out the 1st party titles, i'll get it to complement my ps3/ps4. I'll be in gaming heaven.
#33foxyReyoko(Topic Creator)Posted 2/28/2013 12:58:25 PM
ramseanGoodbye posted...
foxyReyoko posted...
pokedude900 posted...
You're right. My mistake.

SomnusNemoris posted...
Well, that is, if you're into Party Gamez 10, Super Sports Motion 15, and other shovel-swill.

Anti-Nintendo gamers in a nutshell.

You're focusing solely on the mountain of shovelware rather than the hill of good games that is still greater than or equal to the PS3's good games.


The best game one Wii was Demon Blades

Muramasa is just an average beat'em up with some nice art.

Super Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword, No More Heroes, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Sin and Punishment 2, The Last Story, Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower, Sonic Colours, Little King Story, Another Code R and Red Steel 2 were all better than that overrated backtrack-fest

It was one of my favorite games though, it was really gorgeous and fun to play.

Sin & Punishment was good too
#34RollingCradlePosted 2/28/2013 8:01:01 PM
Well I'm kinda mixed with PS4, it does looks good but 30fps sucks, but i think KZ4 might be fun and for a console it looks good enough, but then im thinking i could just put that $600 into my gaming rig for truely powerful graphics, but then i dont get to play Killzone4, but PS3 did start to die on me after one year, so maybe i'll just put ca$h into my rig at PS4 launch and just wait for a price drop, but real gamers do not wait for price drops.

So i gotta decide come holiday season, its a ways off anyway so no big deal.
#35TomoEK9Posted 2/28/2013 8:11:43 PM(edited)
StaleCrackers posted...
Once the WiiU starts rolling out the 1st party titles, i'll get it to complement my ps3/ps4. I'll be in gaming heaven.

Well thats the problem isn't it? You bought the console and you have at most a handful of titles that are actually worth purchasing.

If its a Nintendo title, its awesome.

If its a non-Nintendo title and its a port, its the worst version of the game.

If its a non-Nintendo title and its not a port, they shoe-horned the gimmick controls in and it always feels poorly done.

In the end, you have a console that's got only one good developer and only a few good games.
#36jammiesPosted 2/28/2013 8:06:31 PM
Nintendo has had 1 quarter they didn't profit. When they stop knowing how to make money hand over fist, feel free to mock.
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#37lambchipsPosted 2/28/2013 8:07:24 PM
people still need reassurance this late into a consoles lifespan?
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#38idrc82Posted 2/28/2013 8:55:33 PM
Good games are subjective... not everyone likes sony first party ganes and not everyone likes nintendo first party games. This applies to everyone of all ages. Theres no such thing as which console is the best. Console wars and bashing are for reassuring oneself to feel they made the right choice or to feel superior over another group. My apologies if ive offended anyone with my common sense.
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