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Do people don't like survival horror games anymore these days?

#1cheatermasterPosted 3/1/2013 11:25:47 PM
Is it me or are people getting disappointed with the survival horror games these days? Have people stopped being scared of anything these days or something? I'm begining to wonder if they're getting rid of survival horror or something if that's the case.
#2Draconas_LyrrPosted 3/1/2013 11:26:53 PM
I've never liked survival horror games, I just liked the story of Resident Evil/Silent Hill/etc.
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#3CorathTheHungPosted 3/1/2013 11:27:02 PM
Resident Evil 6 is the best survival horror game!
#4Worker_8_Posted 3/1/2013 11:29:40 PM
Metro 2033 had a whole survival horror feel with having to conserve ammo and even hide from enemies. You'd have to go to PC if you really want a large library of games that are survival horror.

Consoles just seem to have moved away from that kind of game.
#5agrissaPosted 3/1/2013 11:29:51 PM
No, ppl only like pew pew bang bang games these days.
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#6doraemonllh1989Posted 3/1/2013 11:32:09 PM
Ok,I'll be honest to you,I prefer survival horror like RE4,where I am weak but I can be strong enough to survive

I dont like games like Amnesia and such, I dont know,maybe I dont like being powerless
#7warrenmatsPosted 3/1/2013 11:32:33 PM
No it's because most of the good survival horror games are like 8+ years old. Horror games these days either just suck, or all the good ones are suck in Japan and Korea.

Well he had Amnesia. Did a good job being really scary but the story was kinda bad.
#8HolyMcmolyPosted 3/1/2013 11:33:37 PM
agrissa posted...
No, ppl only like pew pew bang bang games these days.

Pew pew bang bang? Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with that. Is it a series? Sounds like it'd be a western, and there aren't enough of those. What console is it/are they on?
#9theshovellerPosted 3/1/2013 11:36:04 PM
Part of the "horror" to "survival horror" is dealing with the unknown. Usually by the third game or so of dealing with the same "formerly-unknown" enemies people aren't finding it too "horror-ful" and the people in that situation either know how to deal with it and are prepared (like Isaac Clarke in Dead Space, or Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy in resident Evil) or the player has the accumulated experience of how to deal with it and the game loses a significant portion of its "horror" aspect.

Combine innovations to control schemes - such as being able to actually aim a gun or melee weapon - and the "survival" aspect also starts to decline, as thirteen bullets / plasma cutter rounds / whatever else you shoot can all be vital headshots / limb decapitations, as opposed to how they were done in older Resident Evil and Silent Hill games (relying on a "critical" on the gun to instantly kill the enemy, or do more damage.)

So... it's not that people don't like them. It's how do you scare someone with zombies when they're a zombie-killing master?" Games like Amnesia still sell well, and while Dead Space 2 still had some elements of "survival horror" that made it shine in the beginning, you can't very well have every single protagonist start out bound in a straitjacket or otherwise stripped of all offensive abilities if he knows how to handle himself in that particular crisis. It's be Metroid Syndrome all over again, where the player in every Metroid game starts out with either full power and loses it shortly after starting the game, or for other story reasons has only basic abilities / powers. In every Metroid game, you know that within 10 minutes of starting, you will have only a basic cannon on your arm, the ability to jump like a small child, and if you're lucky, the ability to turn into a ball - for whatever reason, you will have only that.

That's my theory on it.
#10Brocken_JrPosted 3/1/2013 11:36:28 PM
cheatermaster posted...
Is it me or are people getting disappointed with the survival horror games these days?

there arent many good ps3 survival horror games in the first place though.

dead space 1+2+3, crap
resident evil 5+6, nothin scary about them
operation raccoon s****y, only scary part is how bad the game itself is
amy, didnt buy, demo sucked ass

siren blood curse, great demo, felt like survival horror, never got to try the full game sadly
silent hill downpour, not to scary, lot of jump scares, but a really good game
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