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Do people don't like survival horror games anymore these days?

#21RafedxPosted 3/2/2013 2:06:04 PM
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agrissa posted...
No, ppl only like pew pew bang bang games these days.

*pew* *pew* I LOVE playing games where I am a floating gun. Best genre ever. This isn't opinion, it's fact. Since you're well informed on the genre, and it's the kind you speak most about, recommend me some more. Maybe we could play? *pew*

Sorry, I don't play PAAGGs. I do play pow pow wham wham games, so perhaps we could play that together if you're interested. I also play PAACGs.

Play as a Cock Game?

HA! When I read his post I figured he was talking about cars, but this, this changed everything.

TC, yeah it is a bit sad there has been a lack of survival horror games. I play on PC and at least have the option to play a few like Amnesia and Slender. I have been downloading older survival horror titles and getting them to work with a controller (touchy with some games, AVP2 took me awhile to set up properly same with a few others like system shock.) It seems thats the only way to play any half decent survival horror titles.
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agrissa posted...
^No, PAACG stands for Play as a Car Game. Play as a C*** game would be something like DmC, where the main character is indeed a d***.

Oh, sorry! I played a Japanese porn game on PC years ago and it was awful... your post reminded me if that.
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