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PS3 discussion. Pay to play brings more quality players instead of free to play?

#1xenosaga123Posted 3/2/2013 9:14:22 AM
Yea someone makes good points. Notice all the online games, you experiences can be random and more negative with some people since online is free to play for most things.

But in pay to play services, people are more generally better and more socially acceptable
compared to free to play enviornments where people just troll and are rude (well
XBL has its rude people, but overall they seem more better community than PSN
community which is more detached and more juvenile). but that is an observation.

but bringing up some random quote of a sincere gamer, they have some
good points how subscription fee based games tend to have better communities
than free to play games.

Yes keep it p2p...i want to have players around me that have their RLs together...not people who are a mess and then bring their negative crap online...

Seriously, as someone said before, if you can't even afford the monthly fee, which is the same price as a movie ticket in most countries and places around the world (and 80% of movies are bad and only last about 1.5 hours), you should sell your PS3, sell your PC...

Go use that money to learn a new skill and get a new job..or use your PC and internet connection to teach yourself something new via the wealth and free information the internet offers.

If you plan to play this game less than 1.5 hours a month....then you can feel this is too much for you..but then feeling that way and posting it should be F2P because it doesn't work for you, makes you inconsiderate...

and that's another reason players won't want you ingame.

F2P is never really need to always sink more money to enjoy the game more or get a new game

...and the quality of players are manners and skill

This sincere statement reflects upon some realities about free to play communities.

But antisocial PS3 gamers shouldn't start with "that's why I play offline".

Multiplayer is always better and possess greater potential and qualities than single player, it's part of the reason consoles are more successful and gaming communities are more connected now than they were back then.