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The best Final Fantasy games considering five criteria; not all-time favorite...

#31KOTRwhoopsPosted 3/3/2013 10:56:55 AM
Overall Story - From beginning to the end. When the protagonist wakes up to when his/her story is completed. Sequels should not be counted unless the story was MEANT to have a sequel.

- Final Fantasy VII

Characters - Favorite characters. Development. How they act and react. How they feel. How they succumb to certain situations. Sequels should only be recognized if initially intended.

- Final Fantasy X

Writing - The best writing. You be the judge. Initial localization 'SHOULD' be a factor. Re-releases CAN be a factor (newer releases having better/worse localization), but not required.

- Final Fantasy IX

Gameplay - Can't be more obvious. The best battle system, customization, equipment, items, ATB, CTB, WHATEVER-TB. The best of YOUR best.

- Final Fantasy X

Music - This can't be too difficult to ascertain. My guess: should be somewhat unanimous.

- Final Fantasy XIII

World - Added it myself

- Final Fantasy IX
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