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So, I'm finally upgrading my hard drive!

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3 years ago#1
Yeah, I know, there are plenty of (9 pages) other hard drive topics but I can't find a single one that seems to recommend or not recommend the WD Scorpio Black series or a Toshiba drive. This isn't really a "help me choose a hard drive" topic because I already ordered the Black listed below. It seems like the Scorpio Blue is the gold standard for drives, even though there are a couple of issues with games studdering or being out of sync.

Why don't people recommend the Scorpio Black series? Is it because the cost:size ratio? Or is it more along the lines of the 5,400vs7,200 RPM debacle? They frequently go on sale (70$ for a 750gb Black) so pricing shouldn't really be a factor.

I'm fairly sure the Toshiba is due to reliability issues but is there anything else not going for them?
3 years ago#2
I almost wonder if this might not be a question suited for the PC board. I know this is a PS3 topic but when it comes to quality of an item (unless sabotaged by master race trolls) I think they would be more knowledgeable than a typical ps3 user.

This is only my opinion and an assumption though...
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3 years ago#3
If it were in PC terms, I don't think I know anyone who would choose the 1TB 5,400 drive over the 750GB 7,200 drive. Given a PCs almost infinitely higher processing capabilities (and abundance of USB 3.0 mass storage units), the last thing you want is a hard drive bottle necking your system.

I was more curious about why almost every recommendation for a hard drive upgrade was either a WD Blue or Seagate Momentus. I'm sure cost:size has something to do with it but I wanted to know if there were anything else to it, and why almost no one recommended a Toshiba drive.
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