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Should Sony had milked Uncharted this gen aka MORE CONSOLE SALES

#21Joeydollaz(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2013 10:33:53 AM
scythecam posted...
Joeydollaz posted...
I think if Ubi can pump out 10+ MILLION SELLERS constantly with these ASS CREED games, why shouldn't Sony do the same? and btw Uncharted games are about 10000+times better than any Ass Creed game.

Sony peaked with Uncharted 2, it got the GOTY spotlight....but Sony didn't tell ND...ok
make about 6 more before this gen is over.

They didn't make Uncharted a Killer APP like GOW was for PS2 and still is for PS3. Guaranteed you GOW games sell alot more than Uncharted games and sell more consoles to, Sony made sure GOW as a brand/KRATOS as a character have major impact on PS business, clearly Uncharted does not have that type of power.

How exactly was gow a killer app for ps2?

The first one came out after ps3 was announced.

Yet you failed to see how great it was that it became a monster brand for Sony even
after they had said PS3 was coming, THAT is what you call Killer App it sold PS2, it grabbed a fanbase instantly. GOW2 was one of the most power games on the PS2 console, you cant tell me GOW isn't killer App brand, watch how much GOW:A sells
next week monster numbers are projected.
MGS:RISING 10fps worst on PS3, worst IQ at only 720p. P+ screwed PS gamers again.
#22scythecamPosted 3/5/2013 2:10:15 PM(edited)
Gow did not sell ps2 consoles. People did not look at gow in 2005 snd go "wow i should go buy a ps2". Ps2 was 5 years into its life by then.