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Well, this year looks economic...

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User Info: KaiserLeo

4 years ago#1
My To Buy list is tiny.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2
Hyperdimension Neptunia V
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 True Despair Edition
Metal Gear Revengance/Maybe, when it goes down
Tomb Raider/Same as MGR


Guess I'll get around to Skyward Sword and Mario Galaxy

Not sold on it yet.

Already bought Persona 4 Golden.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate
Maybe Pokemon X or Y if it looks like a substantial improvement over the dreadful BW.
I hate thongs, both kinds.

User Info: faris_ruhi

4 years ago#2
I see, my to buy list seems like it's going to be pretty big for this year (for me). And depending on E3, that may even include a new console + next gen games.
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User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#3
My list was pretty cheap until they officially announced the PS4.
PSN: Draconas_Lyrr
I'll never look at an apple the same way again..

User Info: nihilist212

4 years ago#4
My list isn't much bigger so far. At least for new titles, there are still plenty of older titles I plan to pick up and play at some point.
Go, then.....there are other worlds than these.
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