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Why are people looking forward to Splinter Cell: Blac List now?

#11riddlebox89Posted 3/6/2013 12:05:39 PM
Lion_of_Gemini posted...
You_Need_A_Life posted...
Lion_of_Gemini posted...
There's virtually nothing that made the original games great in it.

Guess what...Conviction wasn't the first and only Splinter Cell game before Blacklist.

Conviction is the game that started the simplification.

Oh you mean Conviction is the one that started leading the franchise into a more action oriented approach? I'm sorry but you're wrong, the game that started doing that was Chaos Theory, remember there was even a loadout for a full on assault mode, yeah it was still more stealth focused but that was the first time in the franchise where you were able to take on a full assault approach.

And maybe if you actually took the time to research Blacklist you'd have figured out that quite a few people who've had problems with the direction they took with Conviction like how Blacklist is going.
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#12Evel138Posted 3/6/2013 12:07:40 PM
They said the same thing about Conviction......and while true to an extent, it didn't stop that game from being fun/worth playing.
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#13secondhand1Posted 3/6/2013 12:07:42 PM
I don't know. Why do people continually bash games they haven't played in a juvenile attempt to flex internet muscles?

Garbage posts from garbage users.
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