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What's ya personal favorite Sandbox game?

#61true_gamer80Posted 3/7/2013 12:14:02 PM
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From: Nightsider2169 | #048
Morrowwind and Skyrim???? Do you guys even know what a Sandbox game is lol Geez

Free-roam, open world, sandbox, whatever you want to call them, Elder Scrolls and GTA both fit in the category.

True. Sandbox/Open world is a design style not a genre.

ty so much for saying that! Its a pet peeve of mine seeing ppl label sandbox as a genre....its not a genre ppl!
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#625orrowPosted 3/7/2013 12:16:46 PM
any Bethesda RPG

(Fallout 3 / New Vegas / Morrowind / Oblivion/ Skyrim)
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#63andizzle29662Posted 3/7/2013 12:18:38 PM
Tie between skyrim and far cry 3
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#64DigablePlanetsPosted 3/7/2013 1:12:06 PM
Far Cry 3
Just Cause 2
Red Dead Redemption

Do the Deus Ex games count? The entire world obviously isn't a sandbox, but there are large areas that are completely explorable and simulate a sandbox feel. I'm inclined to say no, but I'll take any excuse to talk about how awesome Deus Ex is.
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#65LordcrabfoodPosted 3/7/2013 1:36:15 PM
Deadly Premonition by a land slide
#66silly_sausagePosted 3/7/2013 2:39:38 PM
LA Noire, Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption and Saints Row 2 would probably be my favourites. And GTA3 and SA for nostalgia.
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#67r_u_mad_broPosted 3/7/2013 2:55:03 PM
I'm noticing that most games mentioned are from this gen. That shows the sandbox genre is progressing. My personal favorite is inFAMOUS 2.
#68Dragon66116Posted 3/7/2013 3:18:51 PM
Suddenly, Mudkips. Thousands of them.(preferably OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
#69ab2c4Posted 3/7/2013 3:22:29 PM
RDR. Oblivion and Skyrim would be tied for second.
#70JanayBerryPosted 3/7/2013 6:01:03 PM
Batman: Arkham City, and Saints Row: The Third.

I like them equally for many reasons each.
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