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List your worst JRPG main character

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3 years ago#131
toadieman posted...
Edge Maverick. Actually the whole cast of Star Ocean 4. It's like their ship is the USS Retardia.

one hundred percent... that game was painful... and who the eff names their character 'Edge Maverick' my god...
3 years ago#132
Beat from Eternal Sonata had just about 0 redeeming qualities. He can be summed up as Photos + height jokes + "guys I don't understand, can you repeat that one more time?".

Polka and Allegretto were ok.
3 years ago#133
Whats with all the hate with Luke?
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3 years ago#134
Lightning in 13, and Serah in 13-2


Edge from Star Ocean 4

3 years ago#135
DragoonGriffith posted...
zhaoyun99 posted...
Yuri, one of the greatest lead in JRPG history, was based off Jade.

Unless you have some evidence to back this up, I'll just heavily disagree with that.

Jade takes the trolling to an unlikable level, while in Yuri's case it's more like a school prank on poor Karol most of the time.

Whether you like it or not, the way Yuri trolled was basically what Jade would do. Based off something doesn't need to be 100% accurate. For the guy think Yuri was not the greatest, you gotta play TOV more to see and listen to what he say during all of the skits since they involved a lot of character development. Yuri is not your typical stupid archetype hero. He know what he is doing and tried to be as practical as possible. He's not some kinda of teenage boy who bragged out "I will save this or save that or protect this. Blah Blah Blah" and charge head on w/o thinking. There is a reason why he's the most popular in the tales polls and I can see why.
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3 years ago#136
3 years ago#137
Luke from Tales of the Abyss is about the only main character that I hated. I love the game but really can't stand him.

Edge from Star Ocean: The Last Hope is another one (I forgot about him until someone else mentioned him). I wouldn't say I hated him, but he was just so stupid. "Everything, Everything, EVERYTHING!!!"
3 years ago#138
Tidus *vomits uncontrollably*

Even if Vaan looked like an idiot and had no place in the story, he was less of an idiot than that thing.
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3 years ago#139
Vaan - he was completely irrelevant for most of the plot. Why the **** is he a major part of the game?
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3 years ago#140
Meg Ryan
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