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My PS3 won't start and has a blinking red light after I try to start it. What do

#1ShoegazinSergioPosted 3/9/2013 9:08:21 AM
I'm pretty sure this puppy is from the very first release IIRC. I bought it and two games for $100 from my neighbor leaving for the navy last summer, so I'm not positive.

But yeah, I was just in the middle of playing a game when it shut off and started blinking the red light. I don't recall seeing the "yellow light of death" or anything, maybe I missed it, I don't know how that works. But yeah, now I go to turn it on and a split second after I power it up, it shuts off and just blinks the red light. What do PS3 board?!
#2cow1578Posted 3/9/2013 9:13:12 AM
Look up a youtube video of the YLOD.

When it happened to me I didn't see the yellow light at first either. It is a very brief yellow flash before the light turns red and starts blinking.

I'm sorry if it is the YLOD. That sucks.
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#33D3Posted 3/9/2013 9:14:02 AM
It's either YLOD or overheated.
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