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Lol, ESRB's stupid anniversary.
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Matt-Moores229/20 5:01PM
So Final Fantasy XV not coming to PS3?Jx101069/20 4:42PM
Is there any cons in charging controller with the PC USB instead of PS3 ?Kano9259/20 4:30PM
What is the BEST Castlevania game on PS3?
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Jx1010129/20 4:04PM
How's Tomb Raider Underworld?
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SoincMetal129/20 3:45PM
question about hooking a ps3 up to a tv with no surround soundUsher6739/20 3:41PM
Sega refuse to release Yakuza 5 to the west, because of a lack of "interest".... (Closed)
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jon davis549/20 3:36PM
need local co op games rated teen if possibletiamat99959/20 3:12PM
Finished Infamous 2 evil ending. Meh. SERIES SPOILERS.
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gawado209/20 2:54PM
How's ridge racer 7?
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Pigeon_Senpai129/20 2:50PM
Infamous 2 question (the board is dead)DragonReborn9729/20 2:47PM
Has anyone else noticed PS2 games crashing?SakuraCherry1319/20 2:43PM