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Another problem with a seller on eBay, purchased ps3 over $300/returned it/no re

#21RyuuHou25Posted 3/12/2013 12:24:00 AM
bulletproven50 posted...
RyuuHou25 posted... sell a bunch of crap games on Ebay with no cases and you start claiming how you're such a wonderful seller and blah blah blah.....complain to all of us about how you got ripped off.

THEN you apparently buy a PS3 randomly off Ebay and you're not knowledgeable enough with Ebay and Paypal policies to know how to do returns properly??

Excuse me, I have to go out on my lawn and roll around laughing at the absurdity of your life.

It's trolls like you that gets topics like this up to 100 with your pointless inputs before actually thinking, you are obviously hurt from that topic and didn't give any advice that you could get from a dog, grow up. Lol

No, it's ass kissers such as yourself that feel they have to defend people with little to no intelligence.

If TC had posted this issue on the Ebay forums, they'd get much the same response - "Use your brain in the future"
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