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C/D Sonyu should give you money for getting trophies

#11TheLightsAreOnPosted 3/12/2013 7:12:54 PM
Fo_Fai posted...
trophies should give us unlockables, not outright replace them.

#12CyricsServantPosted 3/12/2013 7:15:03 PM

Everyone should give me money.
#13A_Nonny_MoosePosted 3/12/2013 7:22:52 PM
From: AzureVergil | Posted: 3/13/2013 12:52:29 AM | #008
So someone who spend thousand of hours to get 100 Platinums will just have $100...

And all the money for the other trophies. I only have 6 platinums but with this system my trophies would be worth nearly $200.
#14abnergoinbigPosted 3/12/2013 7:46:14 PM
Hopefully sony hires trophy hunters that get high amount of views by streaming next gen. Would be something cool IMO.
#15Sakuya_izayoi__Posted 3/12/2013 8:02:58 PM
so i have 50 dollars in bronze trophys alone :D